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Features and Benefits of Counselling & Psychotherapy

I harness a passion for Positive Mental Health in the community and this underlies the creation of Adaptable and Affordable Counselling and Psychotherapy Services tailored to suit your needs. I am committed to providing Safe, Accessible, Confidential, Professional, and Fully Insured, Person-Centred Services built on the Highest Ethical Standards; Care and Respect for all of my clients.

Choice and control over how the therapeutic journey proceeds is always in your hands. All Policies, Procedures, Practices and Work undertaken are guided by the Values, Principles and Code of Ethics set down by the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP).  A culture of Professionalism, Respect, Competence, Integrity and Best Practice supports the delivery of all services, administration and record keeping.

Whether in one-to-one counselling, in group facilitation or in training, I believe in enabling autonomy. My focus is on helping you to find your way through new learning, difficulties and dilemmas by enabling you to discover and come to know yourself.

Being a good listener, and good at reflecting back what I see and hear, means that I encourage opportunities for you to discover strengths, qualities and skills within yourself. Consequently, in addition to working through current concerns, you may find doors opening and new paths unfolding that align more with your true self and your true path.

The following list of benefits that flow from my services is not exhaustive, overstatement or exaggeration.

Benefits of My Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

  • Become more In Tune with yourself and with your world
  • Become more Informed
  • Enhance your Self-Esteem
  • Improve your Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive & Spiritual health
  • Improve your Relationships with family, loved ones, friends & colleagues
  • Boost your Peace of Mind, Mental Health & Resilience
  • Develop your Abilities to work through difficulties or concerns
  • Gain greater Self-Awareness & Self-Acceptance
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Increase your Clarity & Confidence
  • Foster better Communication
  • Experience your Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive & Spiritual Self with Presence
  • Enjoy your Life more – have more Fun, more Laughter & more Relaxation
  • Have more Involvement in your Community/Society
  • Gain Opportunities to meet like-minded people
  • Be Challenged, practice new Skills, strengthen your Capabilities
  • Become more Efficient & Effective
  • Become more Empowered & Assertive
  • Experience greater Fulfillment

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