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One-to-One Counselling and Psychotherapy Explained

People seek one-to-one Counselling and Psychotherapy for many reasons. Some to develop Personally, Psychologically, Relationally or Spiritually, without reference to a specific ‘presenting problem’; while others come for help with particular things.

Some of these Include: Relationship or Family Concerns; Bereavement; Loss; Depression; Loneliness; Hopelessness or Despair;  Suicidal thoughts or feelings; Cancer or other Serious Illness; Unresolved Issues from the Past; Stress; Anxiety; Panic Attacks; Fears; Phobias; Trauma; Childhood Trauma; Sexual Abuse; Sexual Assault; Issues around Separation or Divorce; Adoption issues; Anger Management; Self-Harming; Addictions; Obsessive or Compulsive Behaviours; Sex related issues; Sexuality issues; Low Self-Esteem; Lack of Confidence; Social Inhibitions; Bullying; Difficulty Coping; Persistent Nightmares; Poor Sleep; Feelings of Guilt or Shame; Feeling Alone; Feeling Rejected; Feeling Unheard; Feeling Confused.

In essence, Counselling / Psychotherapy is for Anyone who wants help to alleviate, resolve or work through issues or difficulties; or to better understand themselves, their lives, their behaviours, their thoughts or their feelings. My clients self-refer, or are referred by their GP or other health professional.

I offer Person-Centred, Confidential and Non-Judgemental One-to-one Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Services where Adults can feel safe and empowered to express their inner-most thoughts and feelings. I work collaboratively with my clients to develop new awareness, skills and perspectives for greater clarity, confidence, positive mental health and peace of mind.

Having a valuable impact on people’s lives in very important to me. I aim to help my clients to find new approaches to living and learning, and to dealing with difficulties they may be experiencing. I listen respectfully, with sensitivity and acceptance, and facilitate exploration of concerns with compassion and understanding.

I practice a down-to-earth style of psychotherapy; blending clinical expertise with sensitivity, perception, intuition and humour. My Approach is Holistic, Person-Centred and Integrative. This means I cater to the individual needs of my clients by using a range of Individualised Therapy Techniques, Processes and Modalities including: CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy), Gestalt, Mindfulness, Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Expressive, Existential and other Therapies.

All of my work is supported by regular Expert Professional Collaboration, Public and Professional Liability Insurance, and by an on-going commitment to Continuing Professional Development. The Values, Principles and Code of Ethics set down by the IACP guide all my Policies, Procedures and Practices.


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